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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Witch Blemish Stick

There are many products out there for spots, and I’ve tried most of them, and have generally been disappointed.  I missed out on acne as a teenager and generally have always had a good complexion but every 3 months or so I develop a large, painful and highly visible spot which takes a few days to develop and by the 3rd day I can contain myself no longer and I attempt to squeeze it out, usually infect it and get a similarly horrid looking spot the following day, its then a case of concealing and drying it out, till eventually I can pick off the dry skin, leaving behind a scar.  I have tried putting on tea tree oil and rapid action spot treatments but NOTHING makes it go away.


The entire Witch range is based around witch hazel, which has been used for centuries to cleanse, tone and sooth our skin.  The other ingredients give it a stick consistency and alcohol is the first ingredient.  The effectiveness of this stick is due to the alcohol and the witch hazel.

Natural anti-bacterial, peroxide or oil control?

Typical methods of clearing up spots are:
Anti-bacterial – killing the bacteria that causes acne ranging from aggressive ie benzoyl peroxide to natural ie tea tree oil, lavender and white tea
Keratolytic - Removing dead skin cells eg salicylic acid, AHA’s, Retinol
Regulate sebum (oil) production ie Zinc PCA
Anti-inflammatory – calming the skin down ie witch hazel, aloe vera
Repair – promote wound healing and cell re-growth – vitamin C & E


Value for money – excellent, costs £1.70 from most supermarkets, Boots & Superdrug etc
Effectiveness – this works for me as it has a very drying effect on the spot itself rather than the surrounding skin and it kills off the bacteria. 
Pampering factor – not too applicable for spot control!
Highly Recommended – and would be interested to hear other user’s experiences


  1. I use this. Be careful to put the cap back on tightly, as it can dry out quickly and as a gel it has to remain moist.

    It's a clear gel, so you might need some concealer/foundation to cover the spot up until it fades.

    For best results, apply very regularly - Every couple of hours or so.

  2. Dear Yacht Ho - thanks for the feedback, glad you like the product. I also hear that its very good for spots caused by razor burn.


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