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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Max Hydration from Balance Active Formula

Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum promising immediate hydration and 24 hour non-stop moisturisation


5% Hylasome® EG10 – cross linked hyaluronic acid
& added Syn®-Ake – botox like peptide
Does not contain parabens or silicones and is simple no nonsense formulation

This is an aqueous based serum with carrageen gum thickening agents and the main active itself if in an aqueous gel, rather than typical silicone based serums.  I really like the pipette dropper application, makes it very high tech.

How it Works
Hyaluronic acid is a well known cosmetic ingredient popular because of its impressive water binding properties which makes it possible to deliver moisturisation into the skin over a period of time – in this case 24 hours.   Normally it’s sold in powder form or solution and is one of those actives which are +_ £2000 per kg.  This is sodium hyaluronic cross polymer which is probably cheaper as its' a solution of hyaluronic acid, but 5% is still high level and is clinically tested to deliver non stop moisturisation for 24 hours, the glycerine would help with this too, as it acts as humectants to keep moisture in.  Most manufacturers rarely put over 1% active in, and usually make a USP of having a higher level.

Syn®-Ake has also been around for a while, it’s the best known peptide for relaxing facial muscles resulting in fewer expression lines.  Peptides are synthetic versions of proteins which occur naturally in the body and are involved with cellular communication.  Peptides are effective at low levels ie 0.5 – 2%

Skin Affinity

Hyaluronic acid is very safe to use, in fact it’s often used in dermal fillers which are injected, and is many skin care formulations.  This serum goes on easily, is cooling and sinks in very fast, without leaving any oily or greasy residue, so you can put make up or skin cream over the top.  I think it’s an essential product to apply after sun exposure, to replenish loss of moisture in the skin.


Value for money – hard to beat @£4.99 from Savers & online
Effectiveness – clinically proven actives at dramatically higher percentage than usual – it’s definitely going to work
Pampering factor – very high, to put such high tech skin care on your face knowing it costs so little is priceless
Highly recommended – don’t just buy one buy up all the stock, this is a rare find!
USP – made in UK, so you will be supporting UK manufacturing


  1. £45 vs £5 for the same "magic" ingredients

    i tried to find out online the ingredients in the swiss code product but wasn't able to, but can confirm that the Balance Active product contains Sodium Hylauronate Crosspolymer

    Saving of £40 which is enough for a bottle of champagne and pair of flip flops (well I never promised Jimmy Choo shoes!)

  2. Just seen this product for £4 in a newly opened B&M store thats opened up in Reading. I cannot recommend this product highly enough for taking on holiday. Put this on in the evening after you've been on the beach, and you won't get that tight skin and slightly feeling burnt which is typical after a day on the beach. You will also look fresh and glowing.


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