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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Nail Paint in Black

I quite like nail effects, especially glitter which I apply over a nail polish to give a more sparkly effect on my toes but this particularly product is very cool.  I had a meeting with the chemist at Barry M and admired her unusual nail polish.  She explained that this is a new product which is flying off the shelves and gave me a sample to try.  I’ve mainly been using it on my toes (putting nail polish on my fingers is a very short term relationship, so I tend not to bother) over my favourite lilac chrome polish, but with assistance of my friend, decided to see what the effect looked like over different colours.  I apologise in advance for the poor quality photos, as photography is not my strong point, nor my friends.


Nail polish formulations tend to be very similar and there are actually very few manufacturers of nail polishes in the world (I know of two in the UK) as the ingredients are highly flammable and special licenses are needed to hold stock of these ingredients and work with them.  Therefore there will be little to choose between brands, as innovation usually comes from the pearl supplier and packaging suppliers.   I wonder whether this effect was discovered by accident, I’m guessing it’s a kind of plastic that shrinks, or partly evaporates in liquid form when in contact with air.


Apply to dry nails, and watch the black top coat shrink before your eyes!  Manufacturer does recommend not overlapping product when applying. 



Value for money – excellent, costs £2.99 from Boots and Superdrug which have Barry M displays
Effectiveness – does exactly what it says – gives a nail effect, which is quite eye-catching and unique, as it will look different depending on the nail polish underneath
Pampering factor – I don’t find applying nail polish pampering, unless its following a hand or foot massage and manicure/pedicure
Definitely give it a try

I've been embarassed by these photos, so I did my toenails the other day, and this gives a better indication of the nail effect.


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