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Friday, 3 June 2011

Expose Summer Bronze Self Tanning Mousse with Aloe Vera

There are many fake/self tans on the market and some of which are quite expensive.  I guess the perception is that the better the quality of the brand, the less likely one is to get streaks and a dodgy looking colour.   Well, I don’t believe that’s necessarily so,


All self tans will have to contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as this is the product that changes the skin colour, and whilst the skin is changing colour it gives off the characteristic unpleasant odour, reminiscent (to me anyway) of rotting mushrooms.  The percentage of DHA used will determine the level of colour so slow build up one will contain very little and smell a little less, whereas a higher level one will promise a deeper, longer lasting tan and be more smell usually.  Ethrylose is also sometimes used as an ingredient to compliment the action of the DHA, but doesn’t really work alone.   Bronze coloured pearls are sometimes used to give a shimmery effect and these would the same as you would find in a blusher or bronzing powder, these would be the CI numbers on the ingredients list.  Sometimes vanilla or caramel is added to try and mask the odour.

Lotion, Mousse or Spray?

The other ingredients used will be depending on whether it’s a lotion, mousse or spray, therefore it’s a case of trial and error to see which you find gives the best result.  Lotions are fluid and they tend to run down the legs this can potentially cause streaking, mousse’s dispense a smaller amount onto the skin and it stays where applied, and they penetrate the skin quite efficiently too.  Sprays give good coverage and sometimes bronzing pearls are added so you can see you have applied, sprays are probably the best for solo back applications, only problem is a bit on inhalation! 

Skin Preparation

The better the condition of the skin the better the appearance of the tan as it works on the surface skin cells and if these are dry, flaky etc it will be exaggerated!  So moisturise, exfoliate, scrub etc a few hours prior to application or a quick and easy way (assuming you moisturise regularly) would be to use a body brush to remove dead skin cells.


To avoid very dark brown hands, use latex gloves, which can be purchased from any chemist, I also apply the product to my gloved back of hand to apply to hard to reach areas.  Corrector wipes are very good as you never know how well you have done until the colour has fully developed.


Value for money – excellent, costs £1 from Savers
Effectiveness – does the job, non-streaky, nice even colour that will lasts about 5 days
Pampering factor – not that much, but same as other self tans
Highly Reoommended


  1. I absolutely agree with you, Karin. It's the best self tanning product I've used, and I have used a lot of them. It's easy to apply, but yes, do wear the gloves. It gives an even natural colour and stays on for about 5 days. And you can't beat the price!

  2. Hi Elena

    There is another product you may find useful, which I will review soon. Its by Pretty Polly and its a solid bronzing stick which you rub over legs to give a bronzed sheen, also from Savers - I use if when I've not had time to apply self tan.


  3. just used this....loving the price just hope i love the outcome will keep u posted :D x faye x

  4. Hi Faye - I hope it worked out well for you? Its all in the skin care preparation, and the formulation medium ie spray or foam helps a bit - but all self tans contain DHA - and its this chemical that does the job. Karin x

  5. what happens if the product comes in contact with hair?

  6. Hi there
    Apologies for the late reply, I've been in Mexico since 10th December and only got back to the UK yesterday.

    My quick answer is there is likely to be some reaction as DHA reacts with proteins in the skin, and there are also proteins in the hair - but I will look into this and let you know. In my own experiences I've noticed a slight lightening of eyebrows, I guess it would be advisable not to get self tan product on the hair, but would not be a huge problem if you did.

    More later ....

  7. Brilliant tan! you can also purchase from poundland or home bargains, it comes out fast and big too. Would recommend a self tanning glove which you can buy from superdrug or some chemists:) Happy Helping

  8. Hi - thanks for your input - keep on reading the blogs and look out for my own product range - website should be live this week!

  9. i have applied this tanning product on, will it bring out the tan within the next morning, (8 hours) ?

  10. I av tried buyin it reacently and no shops sell it no more.i av tried in different towns, but nobody as any.can u please let me no were I can buy it . thanks. X

  11. Cant find it anywere.expose selftan, mouse.i love it.thanks.x


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