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Saturday, 4 June 2011

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream

There are many good night creams on the market and I usually consider the pack claims and then check the ingredients to see if they can actually deliver.  I also assess how well it sinks into my skin.

Ingredients of Interest

Shea butter - 2nd ingredient in terms of volume, very rich vegetable fat which is moisturising,  anti-inflammatory, protects against UV rays and is quickly absorbed into the skin
Glycerin - cheap ingredient but effective in keeping in moisture
Sodium PCA - occurs naturally and helps skin keep in moisture

Light Cream, Rich Cream or Serum?

This is recommended for night time use, so its fine to have something heavier on the skin whilst sleeping.  This feels heavy on application, but soon feels lighter as your skin drinks it in.  The pack claims 25% Shea butter, which is quite decent amount of a vegetable oil priced around £5 / kg, also claims 24 hour protection and hydration and the glycerin and Sodium PCA would back up the 24 hour hydration claim.  I find my skin looks plumper (in a nice way) and moisturised the following morning.

Skin Affinity

Be wary of products that take a long time to sink into the skin, these tend to contain a lot of silicones which do not really offer any benefit to the skin, they just feel amazing.  Vegetable oils will be highly compabitible with the skin, and therefore get absorbed very quickly, almost like your skin is thirsty and is drinking it in.


Value for money – upper mass market price bracket at £29.50, available in most department stores and L’Occitane stores
Effectiveness – 24 hrs hydration with ingredients to back it up, my skin looks discernably plumped after using
Pampering factor – very high, feels super rich
Highly Reoommended

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