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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Inecto’s Pure Coconut Hair Serum

Hair serums tend to come in quite small bottles and are expensive in comparison to shampoos and conditioners.  However, they are a godsend to those of us with slightly frizzy, wavy hair.  This product is in a larger than average pack size and is around 1/10 of the price of some of the designer hair serums.


Blend of silicones and coconut oil.

What’s the Difference between Serums?

Very little, they all contain a blend of silicones, which have the function of laying the hair cuticle flat so it appears less frizzy and gives a gloss, creates a shield for the hair shaft which would prevent too much moisture absorption (remember Monica from Friends when she was on holiday in a humid climate).  Some serums may also contain additional nice ingredients for the hair i.e. keratin, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. 

Hair Affinity

All serums, due to their silicone blend, will have a high affinity to hair, this particular product contains pure coconut oil, which traditionally has been used for decades by women in the Pacific Islands to protect and nourish their hair from the sun and elements.


Value for money – unbeaten price at £2.19 for a 50 ml product from Savers, TJ Hughes and independent pharmacies, designer hair serums in supermarkets typically cost £11.00 per 100ml
Effectiveness – smoothes frizz and adds shine, makes hair softer, more supple and luxuriant
Pampering factor – nice fragrance, a little goes a long way, acts as a hair treatment in addition
Highly Recommended


  1. I have also tried the Inecto Coconut Shampoo - but it was just OK didn't really WOW me or disappoint me. I have reviewed L'oreal Elvive Smooth Intense with Argan Oil - not that did impress me.

  2. this INECTO hair serum is absolutely amazing when used on damp hair straight after washing it; I have tried so many products over the years and will never go back to anything else now I have discovered this. I have had lots of compliments on how my curls now look frizz free, defined and mmoisturized (even after a trip to the gym and a long day of cycling). I highly, highly recommend it.

    1. Many thanks for your comment - my local Savers didn't have stock for about 1 month, I really felt the difference in my hair, it became drier, frizzer. I'm using it again and within 3 days, hair much softer, more manageable. Its fantastic value and I agree, I've not bothered trying any other serum for past 5 years since I've found this, and I don't bother with conditioner either (which saves pennies) Spread the word!


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