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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-moisturising body oil

I love this product as the Rose fragrance is so feminine and stays on the skin for hours afterwards.  The older we get the more moisturisation our skin needs to stop looking dehydrated and aged, due to loss of elasticity.  I find that most body lotions do not deliver sufficient moisturisation, and hence would recommend anyone with dry skin or into their 40’s + wanting to have glowing, soft, youthful looking skin to try this product.


Rose oil only appears 5th on the list, after rice germ, jojoba and macadamia nut oils, but there are lots of other natural vegetable oils that are good sources of Ceramides (Carthane oil) Phospholipids (glycine soya), Anti-oxidant (cranberry seed oil) Omega 6 & 7 (Argan oil & Sea Buckthorn oil)  - so some very high quality natural ingredients.

Body Lotion, Butter, Soufflé, Oil or Spray?

Oils would definitely be better for the skin, particularly vegetable oils which are similar to skins own sebum.  However, because they tend to be greasy and leave a residue on the skin, sheets and clothes, they tend not to be so popular, so a product that delivers the benefit of the natural oils but none of the negatives is indeed a truly special product. 

Sprays tend to be a combination of vegetable oils and silicones to give a non-greasy feel.  Body lotions and Soufflé’s often contain high levels of silicone, that’s why a small amount in the hand covers a lot of body.  Butters tend to have a high vegetable fat content such as shea, coconut or cocoa butter.  A “proper butter” will stay in place when placed on its side, rather than follow gravity, and resemble butter in its texture, and be hard to touch but melt softly upon skin contact. 

Skin Affinity

This sinks in beautifully and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin. 


Value for money – upper mass market price bracket at £34.00, available in John Lewis, Selfridges, Liberty & Space NK
Effectiveness – delivers intense hydration and essential nourishment into the skin, with a feminine rose fragrance that stays on the skin for hours, and leaves the skin glowing and healthier looking
Pampering factor – very high, fragrant and norishing
Highly Recommended

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