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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nailtiques Formula Plus 2

"Recommended for Excessive Problem Nails ie nails that are weak, thin, soft peeling and bitten."

My nails have always been weak, brittle and soft, I rarely apply polish and only once have had false nails and always wear rubber gloves when doing housework. Unfortunately my nails only ever look half way decent after a 3 week holiday in the sun. Until one day a good friend, suggested I try Nailtiques. A couple of months later I had sourced this online as it’s made in the US and distributed by Grafton International.

Within 2-3 weeks I saw improvements, and now 10 months later I am still using this product every 2 weeks and my nails have NEVER looked so good. They grown evenly, are thicker, lovely white tips, stronger, rarely flake and look good and they are natural – I look like have a permanent French manicure.


Nail polishes are flammable as they contain nitrocellulose. This formulation contains some natural ingredients to strengthen and improve the condition of the the nails ie wheat amino acids, calcium pantothenate, hydrolyzed keratin and glycerine. It also contains some not so nice chemicals i.e. Tosylamide formaldehyde resin. However, if you apply products to your nails or use false nails etc, than you are not going down the natural route.


Value for money – good costs £8.76 for 7ml
Purchased mine from
Effectiveness – I doubt I will ever stop using it – very, very impressed
Highly Recommended – if your nails are weak, thin and brittle – use this and & they will improve loads!

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