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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Eye Make Up Remover Comparison: Micellar Water vs Boots Botanics

I’ve been quite interested in Micellar Water’s and I had Oil/Water 2 Phase Eye Make Up remover already – so decided to compare the two. 

Micellar Water, Pour ma belle peau (I think is the brand name) manufactured by Drammock International, UK and costs £1.99 for 200ml from Savers

Micellar Waters are typically 90% water, glycerin is a typical humectant used, Panthenol (Vit B) is in there too, other ingredients are emulsifiers, solvents and oils. Its’ more chemical than natural but its chemistry that gives it the innovation.  The thing I dislike about this product is the Parfum which contains a whopping 11 allergens, and smells like a fabric softener.  The manufacturer clearly wanted to choose a very low cost fragrance here.

Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover from Boots Botanics costs £2.99 for 150ml
The label makes a big deal that its’ Botanical and contains Iceland moss hydrates which sooth and are blessed in Kew Gardens!  The reality is its water, silicones, solvents, salt, 6 parabens, another 2 preservatives and 2 artificial colours.  The Iceland Moss is there before the preservatives so probably around 0.5-1% there is no Parfum which is good and has a pleasant non odour. There are 2 phases ie water and oil which is a bit of gimmick rather than more beneficial that way and needs to be shaken well before use.

I’m not a big consumer of eye make- up remover products as I’m a contact lens wearer and normally tint my lashes or wear lash extensions, so this is not a definitive guide to the best make up remover on the market, its’ what I’ve happened to select. 

What is a Micellar Water?
They are spherical liquid crystals and form spontaneously when you put molecules that are the right sort of shape into water.  The end result is a sphere enclosing some water inside and are really good for trapping small quantities of oil.  They can reduce the irritancy of some detergents but conversely reduce the effectiveness of actives as they are good at inactivating things.
Effectiveness - both are effective at removing eye make-up remover, I found the Micellar Water performed more efficiently and quickly though.
Skin Affinity - unsurprisingly the Boots one felt a lot oiler and left an oily residue on the skin, however the odour was more pleasant.  I enjoyed the effectiveness and watery feel of the Micellar Water, it felt more refreshing and evaporates quickly without any residue, however the fragrance was unpleasant and lingers.
Sensitive skin - going by the ingredients I would be reluctant to recommend either, the Micellar Water has 11 allergens and the Boots one contains 8 preservatives
Value for Money – there are not expensive formulations and this is reflected in the price, generally make-up removers shouldn’t be that expensive.
Recommendations – I wouldn’t recommend either of these brands as I think the Boots one is a bit misleading about its Kew Garden naturalness with only 1% maximum plant extract.  I wouldn’t recommend this Micellar Water due to the unpleasant Parfum but would recommend trying another brand of Micellar Water.

I have been doing a lot of work on Micellar Water’s and hope to bring one under the English Rose Cosmetics brand, I have a wonderful image I want to use.  I’ve selected a marine active to use but want to evaluate if it to make sure its effective in a micellar water.

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