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Friday, 25 November 2011

Eyebright from Liz Earle

Soothing eye lotion, an absolute must have for contact lens wearers and sufferers of itchy, dry eyes and highly emotional people!


Eyebright – used for centuries by homeopaths to preserve the eyesight
Cornflower – used traditionally for weak eyes
Witch Hazel – is known to have ophthalmology uses
Organic Aloe Vera - used by traditional herbalists for eye pain

Eye lotions

These are very rare to find, generally its eye drops for non contact lens wearers.  I have been a contact lens wearer for decades, starting with hard lens, gas permeable, soft, tinted, soft perms, silicone and toric lens.  I have had more than my fair share of eye infections, cornea scarring, angry blood vessels and due to my eye condition (keratonic) the cure is wearing gas permeable lens, which are agonising when a speck of dust goes behind them.  So I know all about painful, itchy, bloodshot eyes and that’s when I put them in some mornings, not at the end of the day.

I have used eye drops suitable for lens wearers and the relief they offer is very brief.  I also always have this on hand as by quickly wiping my eyes with a moistened cotton pad, they are revived enough to put in contact lens, can be used to gently remove make-up.  When I’ve got trouble with my cornea and its inflamed I find leaving moistened pads on for 5 minutes calms the eye dramatically.  Effective in reducing puffy eyes, tear soaked eyes.

Value for money – £10.00 for a 150 ml bottle which will last a long time, available online and via John Lewis stores
Effectiveness – most effective product I’ve tried to relieve my poor eyes
Pampering factor – this is like a spa for your eyes
Highly Recommended

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