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Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Choose a Good Mascara

Out of the 6 mascaras that I possess, only 1 is less than 2 years old!  So I’d thought its time to buy a new one but what to get, there is such a variety out there.  Is there anything that compares to the lash extensions that I have now become addicted to?


Mascaras are straight forward consisting of black iron oxides, waxes and extras such as:-
Waterproofing agents for tear proof mascara
Silica spherical spheres that sit on your lashes to volumise
Cellulose or nylon fibres to extend the length of your lashes
Keratin and panthenol for condition – as the lash life cycle is around 4 weeks, I’m sceptical about this
Ingredients for curling lashes – bit sceptical about these too
Ingredients and coatings to make the formulation as hydrophobic as possible and hence give waterproofing and longer wear
Lash lengthening – that’s another blog!

I’m amazed that anyone pays over £10 for mascara, seeing as they contain almost identical ingredients. 

It’s all about the Brush

Fact:  A poor formulation will be greatly improved with a good brush, unfortunately a fabulous formulation will be sorely let down by a mediocre brush.  With this in mind it does help select good mascara, as one can automatically dismiss any brands that do not have a variety of different brushes or do not regularly bring out new brushes.  So a brands like Maybelline and Max Factor, for example offers many different types of brushes, regularly bring out new ones, some of which they even patent (which usually means they are onto a good thing!)


Two coats will give a good effect, especially if the first coat is a primer containing the volumising and lengthening ingredients.

How men can be useful

Take a man along with you when choosing a new mascara and trial different mascaras on their hairy forearm to see which gives the best effect, as its not hygienic to try the testers on our lashes.

 Insider Tip

I’ve worked with ingredient suppliers all over the world and can share with you that most technologies for colour cosmetic comes from New Jersey and Japan, and there is a high concentration of the best colour cosmetic brands in the New York/New Jersey location ie Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline, Max Factor, Clinique etc who get shown these technologies first.

There are also opthamology approved mascara's, so good for contact lens wearers, but its usually mentiond in small print on the pack, or its worth calling the consumer help line. 

So to conclude I would select a mascara that comes from one of the US giant brands, with a new improved or patented brush, that of course volumises, lengthens and is waterproof etc.  I tend to look and see what Maybelline have to offer, they are always very innovative and excellent value for money.

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