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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Treatment

This is a really fantastic nail product and convenient to carry around in the handbag, as it’s no bigger than a pen. Its’ very effective against dry and brittle nails and helps keep nails in good condition during the winter months, when nails seem to suffer the most. Have you ever noticed how healthy your nails look on holiday? Well that’s because the Vitamin D from sunlight is beneficial to the nails.

It’s a combination of:-
Vegetable oils - Safflower seed, apricot kernel, wheat germ, coconut oil
Synthetic oils - paraffin liquid and cyclopentasiloxane
Vitamins – E, A, C, pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe

The fluid mixture is applied via twisting the base to dispense the mixture through the brush so it can be brushed onto nails and cuticles. It’s then massaged in until completely absorbed, would also be effective if a nail hoof was used to push the cuticles back.

The vitamins and vegetable oils are effective because the cuticles are softened and the gently massaged back, so you won’t see dried, cracking cuticles, the nails absorb the oils and become healthier and less brittle. I’ve personally found this more effective than paint on nail hardeners as me and nail polish tend to part company within hours! However this product could be improved by adding something like papaya extract as this would “eat away” the dead cuticles more effectively.

Value for money – good costs £5 - £6 and is available from Superdrug, Savers, Boots and anywhere with the Sally Hanson nail range, it also lasts a very long time.
Effectiveness – because the nails are less brittle, and cuticles are not cracking and stuck to the growing nail, stronger, healthier nails are achieved which are less likely to split and break off
Pampering factor – because it is so small and easy to carry in the handbag, its convenient to whip out and use on a train, stuck in traffic, waiting room etc, and give yourself a bit of nail massage

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