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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion by Soap & Glory

This is a daily moisturiser offering radiance in a novel way by encapsulated iron oxides (micro bronzer beads).

Key Ingredients

Encapsulated iron oxides for bronzing effect – typical mixture for foundations
Mica & Silica – to give mattifying effect and nice skin feel
Orange Peel Oil – natural fragrance (there are synthetic aromas and fragrances added too)
Biosaccharide Gum – the best ingredient in it

Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation

This is essentially a tinted moisturiser albeit in a novel way.  Most tinted moisturisers come in one shade only and give a nice glow to the skin; they don’t tend to give much coverage as their main function is as a moisturiser.  Modern foundations are so light and sheer with added actives for moisturising, anti-ageing and SPF which are long wearing and very lightweight so if I felt I needed coverage/camouflage, I would opt for a foundation.

How it Works

On application the beads containing the iron oxides are broken and you mix them in with the rest of the moisturiser on application.  The effect is nice and glowing but I found the coverage quite poor.  The mica and silica give a nice smooth skin feel.  It also has a nice after feel from the Biosaccharide gum which is one of my absolute favourite ingredients, as this acts as a shield on the skin and delivers long term moisturise. I like the fact the strongest fragrance is from a natural source ie orange peel oil, I know a lot of you are swayed by a nice fragrance in a skin cream but trust me, synthetic fragrances are made up of at least 60 compounds, some of which may be irritating to the skin, so avoid highly fragranced cosmetics. 

A Bit Odd

The manufacturers No 12 top tip is to wear sunscreen, yet this ingredient does not contain any!  I would consider this No 1 top tip.


Value for money – won’t break the bank at £9.00 available from Boots, and good value with the current 3 for 2 offers, but I think there are comparable tinted moisturisers out there and definitely better foundations in the same price bracket
Effectiveness – The claim is radiance and it does deliver a lovely glow
Pampering factor – has a novelty effect which I like
Recommended – especially for the 3 for 2 deals, also they make wonderful gifts
USP – Full marks for the humours retro packaging

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