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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fab Pore Facial Peel by Soap & Glory

I have fallen in love with Soap & Glory’s packaging and this Facial Peel was making interesting claims ie Pore Shrinking so I decided to give it a try. 

Key Ingredients

Kaolin – this appears quite high on the ingredient list and is a typical ingredient for masks, so I would consider this to be a mask rather than a facial peel  
Salicylic acid – is encapsulated in the blue beads, and is a typical ingredient for oily skins as it “eats” dead skin cells
Mushroom extract (fomes offincals) – for pore size reduction
Laminaria saccharina – reduces sebum flow and helps stop acne bacteria

Kaolin/mud masks, peel off mask, peel, exfoliator?

Mud masks and peel off’s work on the same principal ie occlusive layer that sits on the skin surface and stops it “breathing” and pushes out debris clogging pores, which is then removed along with the mask, I think its very effective for removing blackheads and excess oils.  Peels tend to be made from fruit acids  which have a enzymatic effect on breaking down the cellular bonds and encouraging the skin to release dead cells.  Exfoliators also work by gently massaging something abrasive into the problem areas to remove debris from blocked pores and release dead skin cells.  All have their places and its down to personal preference, I personally find mud or clay masks too drying and I like that the manufacturer has combined glycerine with kaolin as this makes it less drying.  I think honey would be the ideal ingredient in a mask as it would moisturise the skin at the same time, and I think it would be better to regulate sebum product rather than drying out the skin, as the skin will naturally want to produce more oil.

Is it possible to reduce pore size?

This simple answer is No, its genetic like the size of your ears. However, it’s possible to “reduce the appearance” of pores.  Look out for this phrase as it’s’ often used with cosmetic products, especially ones claiming wrinkle reduction, appearance is subjective and therefore open to interpretation!  People with oily skin tend to have larger pores while people with dry skin generally have smaller pores. When oils collect on the skin, they can clog pores and cause pores to appear larger so by preventing dirt from building up in the pores, it would be possible to reduce pore size that is until they get clogged again!


Value for money – costs £8.00 from Boots, and good value with the current 3 for 2 offers, but expensive compared to other clay masks
Effectiveness – I’m not sure the benefits of salicylic acid, mushroom and laminara saccharina extract are really experienced in the short contact time, and whether they make it through the kaolin/glycerin barrier
Pampering factor – although it was effective in scaring my partner, I don’t really like the dry feel of having too much oil stripped from my skin
Recommended – I wouldn’t buy it again
USP – Full marks for the humour retro packaging


  1. I recently got this, and I actually liked it a lot, funny how tastes differ :) Love your blog by the way!

    1. Hi J. Glad your enjoying the blog although not doing too many nowadays. Personally I'm not fond of chalk/mud based masks so thats probably why I wasn't raving about it. I really like Radiant Facial Peel by Susan Molyneux reviewed here - I was noticably radiant the next morning.

      I'm going to start researching ingredients for my ideal face mask next year, it will be honey rather mud/chalk based and then whatever my research comes up with. Check out the products I've developed so far on

      thanks again, Karin

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