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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

When I first saw Gel Eyeliner advertised in a glossy magazine I loved the dramatic effect and knew that it would be longer lasting.  Than I reminded myself that my skills in applying liquid eyeliner were spectacularly bad and this seemed to be more complicated with a brush and a separate pot.  So I persevered with my normal eyeliner.  Then I recently saw the new offering from Rimmel which looked more like typical liquid eyeliner.


The brush un-clicks at the top and the rest of the top part are unscrewed away from the glass pot of gel eyeliner at the bottom.  The brush looks good quality and tapers nicely, and I think will hold its shape.  I was able to get thin going into thicker lines without a raggedy edge effect, and was surprising easy to apply as it doesn’t blob, bleed or decide to go into a different direction than I want it to.

15 mins
12 hrs
Comparison Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner (A) Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (B) 
I applied 2 liquid eyeliners to my forearm and A was easy to apply as was a thinner liquid, but also had a tendancy to bleed.  B was alot thicker and I had to take care not to pick too much up with brush, otherwise I would be depositing big lumps.  I was able to get sharp straight lines, slightly thicker.  B's colour was more intense in colour.  Both easily lasted 12 hours, I then showered, avoiding direct contact with shower gel on area, and towelling, A faded dramatically but B was still holding strong.  B then lasted another 12 hours and I removed it with an oil based make-up remover.

after shower

Value for money – good - I got it on offer at £4.68 from Savers, normally it’s just over £6.00 and it’s available from anywhere that stocks Rimmel
24 hrs
Effectiveness – surprising easy to use, and stays glossy and lasts longer than standard liquid eyeliners
Pampering factor – you will look glamorous for hours!
Recommended – I think most brands of gel eyeliner are going to be similar.


  1. My daughter is an expert at makeup having used it for 30 years. I have never heard her complain about anything before but she is really unhappy with her Rimmel Gel eyeliner which smudges and streaks. So I asked my granddaughters to have a g and after applying to her wrist it rubbed and smudged after only ten minutes. My daughter has asked me to find out if she can return it.

    1. I totallly agree bought it 2 days ago. RUBBISH by the end of the day it came off and most of it was above my lid very embarrsing

    2. Most liquid eye products are wet when applied to eyelids/lashes so do need to dry out before blinking,applying other eye make up etc. I've also been using make up for over 30 years, sometimes my technique is good, most of the time its not, particularly when I'm in a rush, I get smudges and I need to start again. Gel Eyeliner is a thick paste and does need at least 10 minutes to dry out, I haven't tried other brands to see if they dry quicker so cannot compare, and I havent'seen any with a USP of "Super Fast Drying". When applied correctly and allowed to dry I've seen long wear and intense colour, I've no doubt with good technique and a pit of patience other users should experience similar results. For example, if you applied polish to your toenails, you wouldnt be trying to put on your sandals immediately after - its going to smudge as its not dry.

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for taking the time to read the review. I took a quick look at the ingredients and I noted that aqua(water) is not in the gel eyeliner, which alone would make it more waterproof than standard liquid eyeliner. When testing something for being transfer proof, you may have to wait morethan 10 minutes to make sure its completely dry. As your daughter has a lot of experience with make up, she may want to contact Rimmel and ask for comparable data on the water reistance, long stay, non transfer etc against other eyeliners. I'm sure they would have this information, and they would appreciate the feedback and would be more likely to refund or replace the item than the outlet it was purchased.

    Keep reading and looking forward to more comments from you.

  3. a little tip - when gel eyeliner brushes get a bit inflexible, put some oily make up remover on a cotton pad and wrap around the brush and leave for an hour or so - hey presto like new!


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