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Friday, 9 March 2012

Correct & Perfect, Virgin Vie

This is so much better than Touché Éclat!  I used to use concealers to cover up unsightly spots, but it was always difficult to match my pale skin tone.  Then Touché Éclat came out and became a best seller, and a benchmark for anyone wanting to bring out a concealer.   Although I love the glamorous sounding name, I was never that impressed with Touché Éclat as I found it too fluid, too much is dispensed which requires a lot of rubbing in, which is not good for the fragile skin under the eye.  Correct & Perfect is four concealers in one component with a mirror, a true multi-tasking cosmetic!

The Ideal Concealer

Should not feel too oily or fluid, it should be slightly dry and powdery to the touch
The pay off should be in the desired place i.e. under the eye or on the blemish rather than on the finger
Long wearing and non-transferring i.e. onto clothes
It should have excellent coverage i.e. conceal whets is underneath
Require minimal blending as area to cover is usually small or skin i.e. under eye can be more fragile

Protect & Perfect Concealer
Green to tone down red i.e. veins around the nose
Lilac to brighten sallow skin, very good for those darker shadows in the eye socket
Light beige to conceal under eye shadows
Medium beige to conceal spots

I won’t go into too much detail as I lost the original box, and also they are usually very similar to foundations in as much as they contain iron oxides which are usually coated to make them feel and spread better and be longer wearing and more waterproof.  Some may contain ceramides to strengthen cellular wall or anti-bacterial actives if they are for covering up spots.  Light reflecting pigments or optical blurring spheres are also used to help disguise wrinkles and give the skin a more even, luminous skin tone.


Value for money – £10 is brilliant value for four concealers in one component plus a mirror and it lasts a long time.  Touché Éclat costs around £23.00 and you only get 1 concealer. Available on line or from a Vie consultant
Effectiveness – able to pick up a small amount, and blend it in with minimal effort, gives excellent coverage.  
Pampering factor – it’s a handy component which doesn’t take up much room in the handbag, convenient little mirror and ensures perfect complexion anywhere you take it
Highly recommended – put it this way, if I brought out a concealer it would look something like this

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