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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Colorsport: Rapid Lash-Gro Eyeliner

Claims: Fuller, Thicker, Longer –Looking Lashes in 60 days
I was sent this nearly a year ago to trial and am only about ¾ through.  I started off using it very regularly then slacked off and have been using it almost daily for the past 3 months.
Beware the ingredient
There is a chemical that has given amazing results in terms of eye lash and eye brow growth to chemo patients called LATISSE® which is a prostaglandin.  It is FDA approved but only available on prescription as there can be some serious side effects.  It is not available for general cosmetic use.  Therefore consumers need to be careful when buying an eyelash growth product that you check it is approved for cosmetic use and is not a prostaglandin.
Managing Expectations
Therefore brands with eye lash growth products have a bit of a tough time living up to Latisse, as its normal to only expect eyelash growth of around 2mm over a 60 day period which is not always so noticeable.  
The Science
Reference is made to an active called Capixyl™ which is acetyl tetrapeptide-3 with red clover extract.   Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 is a peptide which is known to stimulate hair growth and is a popular choice for this type of product.    Red clover is rich in isoflavanones and is known to be increase hair thickness and is recommended for alopecia.  The manufacturer of Capixyl™ is the well regarded Lucas Meyer who has conducted clinical trials to test the efficacy and has no doubt observed synergy between these two ingredients.  The active is included at 2.5% which is well within manufacturers recommended range.
I do find liquid eyeliner challenging to apply and rarely experience matching eyes.  However, this is a very fine brush which has retained its shape for many months and is effective in applying a fine line above the eyelashes.  It is also quick drying which is a huge plus, which means eye shadow can go over the top without smudging – and has lasts until it’s removed at night time.  In fact I find it better than other liquid eyeliners I’ve used and eyeliner pens.  I didn’t really get on with applying it to my bottom lashes, it tended to smudge more and not last as long – but this maybe down to my application.
In some respects I wasn’t the best subject to test for lash thickening and lengthening as I wear eyelash extensions and every time they come off I think my eyelashes look non-existent because I’m so used to seeing extensions.  However, one of the reasons I wanted to use this was because I wanted to improve my lash condition and keep them growing healthy and strong to be able to take the regular application of extensions.
If it hasn’t been used for a while it may start to separate, however its fine after being shaken.  The only negative is the component.  After 4 months the lid started to crack at the bottom and now the brush part stays in the pot and detaches itself from the lid and it’s a bit messy pulling the brush out and putting it back in the lid (I tend to use a cotton bud and tissue to avoid getting black all over my hand).  It does drip a bit when taken out of the component, so I recommend applying it over a skin.  Its trial and error to select the right component sometimes so hopefully if the manufacturer reads this they can feed it back to their component supplier.

Costs around £14.95

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