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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Janina Maximum Super Strength Ultra Whitening Toothpaste *

Claims: Whitens and strengthens teeth, Controls plaque and tartar and helps prevent decay

I used to sell to Arm & Hammer, GSK and Colgate so I know a fair bit about what goes into toothpaste and the challenges facing the manufacturers.  So I was able to identify that this toothpaste had a lot more high quality and interesting ingredients than what is available mass market.

How it works?
Bromaine Complex is combination of pineapple and papain which is natural enzymes which will help gentle remove plaque.  This is rare to see in oral care, usually baking powder or silica is included as abrasive ingredients.
Hydroxyapatite is an essential part of teeth and this is a grade which whitens and re-calcifying teeth.
Mentha Avensis Leaf oil – gives a natural flavour to it, rare in mass market toothpastes.

The manufacturer recommends not rinsing the mouth out with water after spitting out the excess.  This is in order to allow the actives time to work due to extended contact time.  It does take a conscious effort to remember this each time.

I have tried a few whitening toothpastes before and never really saw any difference, however I did see a noticeable difference with this, particularly when I followed the instructions more closely of not rinsing out the mouth with water.

Recommended:  Definitely
Costs around £8.44 from Boots

*Free Sample

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